A review for Insurgence: A Fae Rebellion

Though I reviewed this for Amazon, I decided to write a longer one for my website and for those interested in each story. There are definitely adult themes to this book. Not a lot, but they are there. Also, the length of my reviews per short story has nothing to do with how much I enjoyed the story itself.
Overall, I enjoyed the book and do 100% recommend reading it. Here’s the link. Go buy it!

Thornside – by Nicole Walsh
Though there was enough foreshadowing, I didn’t see the ending coming, and that probably made this my favorite story. A complete, well written story.

Pixies Lead – by DJ Tyrer
A fun story about an old man that knows how to outwit pixies. As it is usually children or women, (as far as I’ve read) I really enjoyed this divergence.

The Horned Dog – K Shelby Tench
I’ll admit to now knowing which mythological creatures are featured here, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this one. Two creatures shape the human world to worship them, but in a somewhat kind way for the humans.

Killer Instincts – by Jonathan Shipley
Two assassins, one human, a mythological creature, get to know each other as they race toward a target location. I won’t say what the creatures is, as that would be a spoiler.

Changelings – by Noa Rose
A woman, alone in her house, contends with an unwanted visitor, who knows many of the same people she knows.

Fairy Tale – Fish story – By A.J. Rocca
This is a fabulous story told in two perspectives: a fairy queen and a fisherman. Truly and completely fucked up.

A Troll’s Story – by Richard Pulfer
A troll gets what he deserves. (This is one of my favorite writes. Often with his short stories, the title is a pun, and he’s a good writer.)

Pest Control – by Mike Morgan
A whirlwind story that feels more like the beginning of a book, rather than a short story. This is not a bad thing, for me. It is complete in and of itself, but did leave me wanting more.

The Fae-Powered World – by Jonathon Mast
Steam punk world that uses fae for power. What would you do to escape your captures if your magic was being used against your will?

Advertising Rebellion – by Cathryn Leigh
When three worlds collide two must work together to beat the third. First though, the two must learn of each other and agree to work together.

Carrier Waves – by Karen Gravin
Another well written and complete story that left me wondering what happens. Also, a different take on what happened to the fae on this planet.

The Fosterling Conspiracy – by Lindsey Duncan
Time is nothing to the fae.

They Come From Below – by C.J. Carter-Stephenson
A security guard finds out what is in the abandoned corridors he watches over.

The Battle for Wolf Creek – by Christopher Bond
A warrior spirit takes over the body of a child to fight for the people she loves.

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