Daily Prompt: order

This scene, and many others around it, may not appear in the final book. I have rethought it over and over and over and I don’t like it or what it shows about Vincent. There are literal chapters I need to re-work. I don’t want to. Is that why the release of book 2 & 3 have been paused? No, but it isn’t helping.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent almost broke as he realized he had definitely ignored one of his emotions. He knew Joseph had shown her the oubliette. Perhaps that was enough. He saw her before him, her eyes full of pride and a certain readiness. It was as if she understood she did something wrong and deserved to be punished. The look made him understand her thoughts and he nearly changed his mind. Before he could cave, he closed his mind and stepped forward.

“Last night, Natalia disobeyed an order and acted against my will. She was told beforehand that should she disobey me, she would be punished. I might have been able to overlook the fact that she disobeyed me, except that she put me, and all those I protect in danger. This I cannot and will not overlook. I have gathered you here tonight to witness what happens when one of my own chooses to disobey me and put my household at risk.”

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