Daily Prompt: animal

I come across passages like this and hesitate, but then remember that I labeled this site as “over 18” so here you go.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent stared at the beauty above him, marveling at his thoughts. Two nights ago, when he shared Lorraine’s bed, all he could think of was feeling Natalia’s warmth on every inch of his body. Now she surrounded him, seared him with her fire. All he could think about was grabbing her to him, sinking his teeth into her flesh and stealing her heat. He wanted to make her cold and eternal like him. He watched and felt as she rode him like the animal he was rearing back as pleasure took over. She cried out then brought her head forward, showing him stark emotion. Their eyes locked and she started to shake. He reached up to touch her cheek and each understood how much they almost lost. Then she smiled her pleasure and tightened around him. Vincent gave her a growl that turned into a bellow of pure passion.

In a movement so swift it made her lightheaded, he was on top of her, thrusting himself deep inside her. She cried out, grabbed his hair and used the leverage to arch into him, granting him deeper access. Her legs were wrapped around him; holding on fiercely as brutal satisfaction took over them both.

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