Daily Prompt: black

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent believed the Mayor brought her back as a sacrifice for the Captain. Vincent made a note to get her out with the others but knew it would be a hard task as she was not straying from the mayor. Still trying to puzzle out the situation, he almost missed his woman’s entrance.

Natalia was a sight. The werewolves, who were still guarding her rear and flanks, were in ripped, dirty clothing, adding to the effect. He had wanted her in white specifically to make her look angelic. He had dressed in all black knowing the sight they would make at the end of the battle. Vincent could see the hilt of the sword over her right shoulder. The smile on her face made her look impish. He growled low as he caught her eye, wanting the fight over with. At the end of the night, he would take her home, throw her on the bed and screw that smile into an orgasmic scream. The growl grew louder, and Joseph elbowed him in the side to bring him back to the moment.

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