Daily Prompt: extremely

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent got up and started pacing. Anthony took two steps back and pulled at Julia’s elbow, moving her back to his side. Markus and Kari looked at each other but otherwise did not move. They had center stage now; it had been left up to them to watch Morgan. They performed a poor job and knew it. Vincent was extremely disappointed with Markus. He expected far more from the man, who seemed to have fallen for Kari. She was teaching him bad habits. Vincent would have to have her watched, to make sure his youngest member wasn’t led too far astray.

“Did you have any spies on him?”

“Yes, two. One at his home and one at his favorite club.”

“Did you have anyone following him or his top Sergeants?”

“We didn’t think it was necessary.”

This brought a hard stare from Vincent. “You didn’t think it was necessary? This is a man who was planning on killing your Captain, and you didn’t think it was necessary?” Vincent had been halfway across the room. In less than a second, he was standing menacingly in front of Kari and Markus. “I’m not happy with this news. Tell me why I shouldn’t strip you of your ranks right this moment.”

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