Daily Prompt: rebel

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia smiled. “For me as well.”

He stared into her eyes. “What else did you learn?”

“I’m bi-sexual. I enjoy sleeping with both men and women.”

His eyes narrowed a touch. “While we are together, I would prefer that I am the only man you sleep with.”

“Prefer? Or demand?” Her eyes mocked him as she ran her hands up his chest.

Vincent invaded her space and pushed her back onto the bed. He growled on her neck. Natalia turned her head and allowed him better access. “If I demand you stay away from all other men, is that really a problem?”

She laughed. It made him pull back to look into her eyes. Once he was staring down at her she grinned. “If I demand you stay away from all other women, will you listen?”

He growled. She could hear his anger. The smile on her face made him bare his teeth. She laughed again. Before he could say anything, she caressed his cheek and spoke.

“I don’t want to place restrictions on you, Vincent. I understand sometimes you need someone else, for my own safety. But don’t order me to do anything. It gives me reason to rebel.”

He growled again but could think of nothing to say.

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