Daily Prompt: class

From Protector of the Grey House:

“What’s your name boy?” He inquired, like a teacher asking an unruly student on the first day of class.


It was a whisper. Vincent barely heard him. He wasn’t choking him, as the boy didn’t need to breathe, but he still needed air to speak. Vincent loosened his fingers and asked again.

The boy took a deep breath and in a terrified voice that was trying desperately not to sound frightened, “DAMIEN LORD OF DARKNESS AND ALL HE SEES?”

Vincent started laughing. He couldn’t help it. The boy was pathetic. Still holding onto “The Lord of Darkness,” Vincent continued to laugh. He heard Kari laughing as well. Morgan finally picked himself off the floor and stood, trying to look dignified. Since his hair was out of place and his shirt was untucked, he failed magnificently. It made Vincent laugh even harder. He heard a few of Morgan’s meals tittering nervously. Vincent felt the heat rise in him again along with a hard heavy need. He had not eaten upon waking, and his body was starting to protest. Still laughing, he looked back into the eyes of Damien, Lord of Darkness. The boy would serve as a lesson to Morgan and his ‘disciples’. Lightning quick, in the middle of a laugh, he pulled Damien’s neck to his mouth and pierced the soft skin with his sharp teeth. He drank deep, meaning to drain the boy. Vincent was so absorbed by the hot liquid running down his throat that he didn’t enjoy the screams of the other young ones.

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