Daily Prompt: moving

This is from the parts I am re-writing. Some will be changed a little, some a lot. I’m not sure if I said why I am changing things, so I’ll say it here. The scenes made it seem that Natalia was with an abusive partner and I didn’t like that. A freaking all. And, as I read and reread the section many times, I started to understand that Natalia was not in control of her own mind when she did what she did. Therefore, why punish her for that?

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Where are you going?”

She struggled against his hold and tried to pull her hand free. “Let me go!”

“Not until you answer my question. Where are you going?”

With her free hand she slapped him hard on his cheek. He barely felt it and did not turn his head. “I said let me go! You have no reason to have me down here?”

He moved fast and her head spun. She was up against the wall, his hand around her neck. There was a glint of fear in her eyes, that quickly turned to anger. “You wish me to let you go? Tell me where you are going.”

She bared her teeth. “Away from you!”

“And then where?” His voice stayed mild.

Natalia kicked at his legs, but Joseph barely felt it. With his hand still around her neck, he moved toward the last cell in the dungeon. She threatened to kill him, but her voice turned raspy as he restricted her air flow slightly. Once inside the room, he stopped moving and looked at her coldly.

“Look down, Natalia.”

She bared her teeth. “I said let me go, you miserable Hellspawn!”

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