Daily Prompt: movement

From Protector of the Grey House:

“She found the room and went into it against my will.”

“Her mind was not her own.”

He stilled his movements, his hand at his side. His hands were balled tightly into fists. His voice was deadly calm. “That woman has told me time and time again she cannot be controlled. Anything that happened is her fault. Get her back here now.”

“You need time to think. I will leave you to it.” Joseph started to walk to the door.

“If you leave here without telling me where she is…”

Joseph stopped and turned to look at Vincent. “You’ll what? You stopped that sentence as you know your anger is unfounded. There is more here than you understand and a part of you knows that. Allow yourself time to calm. If you need time to visit Lorraine, then do so. Talk to Natalia when you are ready.”

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