Daily Prompt: boyfriend

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia closed her eyes to hide her emotions. When she was fourteen, Natalia used her necklace to hypnotize her mother’s abusive boyfriend into leaving them alone. Natalia slept with the man to weaken his defenses. When Marnia learned of this, she hid the memories from Natalia as she didn’t want her daughter to suffer. When Marnia died, Natalia regained those memories. It threw her mind into chaos until she understood what was done.

Natalia pulled away and turned to face Vincent. She leaned against the counter and crossed her arms. Her voice had achieved the seriousness she desired a moment before and now despised.

“If I were to release Anthony…” She shook her head. “From experience I’ve learned that simply releasing someone is dangerous for their mind. Simply releasing him would only aggravate his suspicion for me. He would remember all that I asked him.”

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