Daily prompt: adults

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Angie. You weren’t invited.” His voice indicated he was slightly upset.

“Joseph let us know we might be needed.” She glanced at the young man, who stood. “This is my youngest, Nick. He turned 18 last month. He’s old enough to take the oath and give your woman her first meal.”

“Joseph let you in here. Instructed you to wait?” Angie nodded, and Vincent turned to Natalia. “Are you hungry, love?”

“Yes.” Natalia was staring at the human. He was smaller than Vincent, with brown hair and eyes. He was wearing tight jeans and a red t-shirt. He walked to Vincent and Natalia and bowed low before his masters. He straightened and spoke the oath for the first time in his life. None of the humans on the farms were allowed to take the oath or give their blood until they were legally adults. Vincent had his people abide by human laws whenever possible.

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