Daily Prompt: insure

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia stood waiting for Lorraine to rise, holding onto the extinguisher, just in case. She heard the snap crackle as Lorraine started to stand and let the makeshift weapon go. It clattered rang to the ground as Natalia sank to her knees in front of her lover’s sire. Natalia never forgot Joseph’s words. As Lorraine stood tall, Natalia bowed her head to the woman who now held her life in her hands.

“What is this?” Lorraine was stretching her neck a little to insure everything was in place.

“I was told once, that should I break another’s neck in this room, the hurt vampire would be healing the wound with my blood.”

“I wasn’t made aware of this.” Vincent’s hand was on her shoulder, protecting her.

“You weren’t here when it happened.”

“This isn’t happening.”

“I am offering my blood to her, not to you. It is her decision to take it or not as she sees fit.”

“Not in my house.”

Natalia brushed off her lover’s hand. “You don’t trust your sire?”

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