Daily prompt: bat

From Protector of the Grey House:

Morgan easily took the bait. Self-conscious men usually did. He rushed Natalia, thinking to kill her, but never reached his target. Natalia used the staff that had been leaning against the wall as a bat and used Morgan’s head as a baseball. The CRACK! of wood hitting bone echoed in the room. Morgan staggered, fell back, healed, and readied himself for the next attack.

“You owe me blood, bitch.” He was hunched over slightly, as if about to charge. Natalia leveled the staff holding it in both hands.

“I owe you nothing.”

“You broke my neck. When you broke Lorraine’s neck you fell to your knees and offered her your blood, so she could heal. Bow to me and give me what I deserve.”

“Lorraine was worth healing.” Natalia moved away from the wall, toward the center of the room, wanting space.

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