Daily prompt: cattle

Sometimes, it surprises me what words I can find in my novel. I almost forgot that I used ‘cattle’ in the book. But it wasn’t to describe actual bovine.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Is she awake?” Edwin’s shrill voice made her curl her lip.

“Starting to be.”

“Lean her against the wall. Let’s see if her presence makes this one talk. Franklin. Guard her.”

She heard an odd tone in his voice but couldn’t place it and let it go. Stray thoughts wouldn’t help her. She was placed on the cement floor, her back to the wall. Franklin did as told, standing a little in front of her. The fork was in her left pocket, but she thought she would be able to reach it, as Franklin was hiding her actions. She was also able to see the man chained to the wall and realized it was Charlie. It surprised her, as he was still human and the vampires in the room were still here. Edwin reached out and touched him with a cattle prod before asking him a question.

“Where are the rest of the humans?” His voice was light as if they were having a pleasant conversation.

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