Daily Prompt: mountains

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia walked the mile to her old house, wishing she knew how to drive. The walk was not pleasant. She was too worried about being caught unawares, but it still did not take her long to reach the house. The sun had not yet set behind the mountains, and she still had two hours before it did.

The place was a mess. Donald’s rig was resting in the driveway. The weeds around it were high, proving it had been parked for a while. There was garbage strewn everywhere and the house needed painting. Natalia wondered if it had been this bad the last time she was here, but couldn’t clearly recall.

Natalia walked up the sagging steps with the cross held out in front of her and tried the door. It was unlocked. She opened it slowly and looked around. There were dishes and dirt and dust everywhere. A kitchen chair was overturned. Natalia walked to the living room. She stepped in carefully and dropped the cross when she saw her mother sitting in the recliner staring at a blank TV screen.

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