Daily Prompt: hell

From Protector of the Grey House:

He stared at her with curiosity and wondered again if her adventures into Vincent’s secret bedroom had been of her own doing – either time. It would not be the first time that ring took over the mind of a human. Natalia, usually strong willed, had been through more in the past few days than she had in a long time. And Vincent’s blood had hypnotized her. Perhaps it had made her more susceptible to the ring’s call.

“Natalia. Where are you going?”

Natalia glared at Joseph. “I’ll tell you nothing, Hell-”

He watched as she clamped her mouth shut tightly, and seemed to struggle with her words. The look in her eyes was not the same as usual. Usually when she glared at anyone, there was a certain defiance. This look was defiant as well, but not in the same way. Joseph narrowed his eyes as he decided. He needed to ensure he was talking to her, and not a mind taken over by the ancient soul of a monk trapped in an otherwise insignificant steel band. Joseph grabbed her arm and herded her to the last door in the hallway. He paused and pushed her against the nearby wall.

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