Daily Prompt: salts

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia woke as a harsh scent invaded her nostrils. She pulled her head away as her eyes threatened to open. The unpleasant tang came again, and she tried to breathe through her mouth. A hand pressed against her mouth, and forced her to breathe through her nose. She inhaled deeply, and brought a sharp scent into her nostrils. Her eyes flew open wide, but her lids and head drooped back down when the smelling salts were taken away from her nose.

She was still dreadfully tired but woke up as she almost cried out in pain. Her arms sizzled with needle pricks as blood rushed back into her veins. Her stomach threatened to empty itself of the raw acid which rolled around inside. Natalia tried not to panic for herself and the others in the household as the men near her spoke.

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