Daily Prompt: jumped

From Protector of the Grey House:

Next to her, Rebecca took slow deep breaths. She laid a hand on Natalia’s knee, to calm her. All were silent; all were tense. They could smell the battle adrenaline. The wolves wanted to be out of the car. Vincent wanted the element of surprise, which meant the wolves and Natalia had to stay put until they received the text. The other werewolves meditated, breathed deeply, and tried not to think about the fight, in order to stay calm. It wouldn’t do to start a fight in the car. By contrast to Natalia’s dress, the wolves were in older jeans and t-shirts. Their clothing would be ripped once they changed.

It was three a.m. before the text came. Natalia nearly jumped out of her skin. Orlando, who sat to her right, opened the door and stepped out. He held the door open for Natalia then helped her on with the scabbard as the others left the car. Once the sword was strapped on, she stood a little taller. Orlando took a step back; a little disturbed by the way she looked. He still wasn’t used to seeing that look on a human. It was an animal look. It was the look a cat had right before it pounced on an unsuspecting mouse; meaning to toy with it until the poor thing was dead of fright.

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