Daily Prompt: informed

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent lay in Lorraine’s bed, on top of the covers, a euphoric smile on his face. After the nearly unsatisfying hunt, Lorraine had spent the better part of the day pleasuring him. She had also allowed him to let his anger and hunger show. She was able to take his appetites. Mierka was as well, but Lorraine knew how to control him better. She had him wrapped around her finger. He grinned. He liked when women controlled him.

The bed shifted slightly, and Lorraine came into his view. “Good evening. Feeling better?”

He gave a pleased growl and reached up to take her in his arms.

“Really?” She pulled away. “You call, demand my assistance, take advantage of me in more ways than one and offer no explanation?”

His arms fell to his side. “Haven’t I?”

“No, you haven’t. Once you were on your way, I received a call from Joseph. He said you needed release. Care to inform me as to what happened?”

He growled low, but decided to sum up the issues with one sentence. “Sometimes a human lover is not enough.”

She hid her smile badly. “Really? Could have fooled me.”

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