Daily Prompt: distinct

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Have you heard the voices yet? Or are they letting you have your own mind?” Her voice sounded motherly, and Ashley started to shake. Natalia stepped forward; her actions unclear even to herself. Charlie’s hand was suddenly on her arm, tentative and cautious, and stopped her advance.

Pain gripped Ashley’s features as Father Sulta clamped his hand on her shoulder. “Take her out of here or we kill her.”

Cold hate surrounded Natalia’s body. Though Father Sulta sounded as if he spoke to Charlie, his gaze remained locked with Natalia’s until his last word. Then, his face had turned toward Ashley. Natalia didn’t think Sulta had meant they would kill her. She had the distinct impression he meant he’d kill Ashley. Natalia made up her mind. She turned and left, hoping that one day she would be able to free Ashley from the Slayer’s hold. Ashley should be free to pursue her own life and beliefs, without the undue influence of those like Father Sulta.

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