Daily Prompt: absolutely

From Protector of the Grey House:

Edwin yelled the three short lines of Latin he knew and watched as two pillars of smoke formed into hideous beasts in front of him. Christopher taught him the lines when he had placed him in charge, and told  the younger vampire never to utter the words unless absolutely necessary. The demons the words called forth were unpredictable at best and would only perform one task for their temporary master before running off.

Edwin stared at the horrors that stood before him, pointed to one then to Vincent. “Kill him.” He pointed at the second then at Natalia. “Kill her.”

The first demon bellowed and advanced on Vincent, who watched in terror as the other went for his woman. He had never seen these demons before and had no idea how to banish them. They were taller than he by a head and twice as wide. They were formed by broken pieces of mirror, glass, razor blades and what looked to be hypodermic needles. Their hands were broken glass, with long bits acting as claws. Their mouths resembled sharks’ mouths, with row after row of needles. Their eyes looked like bent spoons. Vincent could see no flesh. The thing before him bellowed and he backed off to assess the situation. Joseph stood by his side, handed him a short sword, and brandished an identical one.

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