Daily Prompt: techniques

From Protector of the Grey House:

Mierka smirked. “What will you do? Do you wish to fight me? Will that make you feel better?” She ran her hand down his bare chest. “Fighting you is always such a pleasure.”

He bellowed and threw himself off the bed. Though Mierka was smaller and not as strong as he, when they fought, she won. As a small woman, she had learned to fight dirty. When she fought Vincent, she seduced him to distract him, get close enough, then would often kick or grab his genitals. She also learned a few grappling techniques to be able to grab onto the person she fought, and sucked their blood. It weakened her opponent and strengthened her. He wanted to fight but he wanted a fair fight. He growled.

“Get out. Get me blood and get me Natalia. I wish to,” he gnashed his teeth, “speak with her.”

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