Daily Prompt: pair

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Anthony and Ben.”

“Should we call Owen and Kim back?”

He considered. The pair was on vacation. Occasionally, Vincent’s loyal vampires needed to get away and do as they saw fit. If there were too many rules chaining his vampires to his side, it chafed against their nature and made them ornery. When they asked for a vacation, Vincent granted it, as long as nothing was linked back to him. He was loath to call them back, as he understood how much the time away was needed. Vincent tapped his fingers on the desk, and concentrated on the task at hand. He leaned forward in agitation. “This is really bad timing. Morgan’s close to finding Edwin but there is still too much dissension in the ranks.”

“But your sire needs you.”


“And you will go to her.”


“And you will help her.”


“And you will sleep in her bed.”


“And this bothers you because you’re with Natalia.”

“Yes.” He leaned back, then stood to pace to release his anxiety.

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