Women’s reproductive rights

*though I will be using the terms ‘woman’ and ‘woman’ I mean anyone with a uterus.

Today, I’m getting an endometrial biopsy to find out if the odd things my uterus is going through is cancer. My OB/Gyn tried once before to do this procedure, but my cervix did not open. As she did not want to put me through that much torture, she said we would wait. She was pretty sure it was Peri-menopause issues anyway. She said if something happened to make this procedure necessary, she would give me medication to help my cervix open.

Today, I’m getting the procedure due to finding endometrial cells in my otherwise clear pap smear.

Yesterday, I looked online to see if the meds she gave me, misoprostol, had any interactions with Tylenol as I want to take something for the pain that may come. No interactions, but it did suggest Advil, so there’s that.

Then another search caught my eye. Misoprostol is an abortion drug.

I have no issues with abortion. If a woman needs one, or wants one, it should be safe. No ifs, ands or buts.

Texas recently effectively banned abortions. Because Texas wants to control women.

As I stared at the information and let is sink in that the drug I have to use today is usually used for abortions I had to wonder: how far will law makers go if abortion is actually banned in the United States?

I am using this drug to try and find out if I have cancer. If I lived in Texas, could someone say I was getting an abortion? Could they get $10,000 for reporting myself and my doctor and my nurse? I don’t know.

I have always felt that banning abortions was a bad idea. It’s a medical procedure. Banning abortion does not stop it, it makes it less safe. Banning abortion also, in some laws, bans multiple types of birth control, including the IUD, which I use.

The amount of insanity that arises from abortion – a fucking medical procedure – being banned, and rendered unsafe, is so much more far reaching that any law maker has ever thought of. Learning what I learned yesterday about my medication makes me realize I didn’t understand fully either.

If abortion is banned, will meds like misoprostol, a drug used to help the cervix open to find out if a woman has cancer, be banned as well?

Abortion is a medical procedure and should be safe and legal no matter what. Stop fucking with out health and our bodies.

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