Daily Prompt: instructions

Though three of the main vampires in this trilogy are French, and I speak French, I only French once in the novel. I like seeing foreign languages in English writing, but if it’s a language I don’t know, I’m not taking the time to translate it. Do I think other writers should follow my lead? Fuck no. Do what you please, though a footnote translation would be amazing. Thank you.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Rebecca shrugged and led the way outside. They found the limo quickly and got in. Rebecca went to the front with the driver, and Mierka ordered Natalia into the back. Once the ladies were situated, Mierka informed the driver to head back to the estates, the long way. The entire time, Natalia did not move, as if she waited for instructions.

Mierka looked to Natalia as the car started to move. “Sit back and relax.”

Natalia did as told. Mierka also sat back in the seat but turned to look at Natalia.

“If any part of you can hear me, I don’t want you like this. If we are to sleep together at some point, it will not be while you are under my control.” Mierka reached out and caressed Natalia’s cheek. “I too, prefer strong, willing women. Can you hear me, Natalia? Can you break my hold on you?”

Natalia stared at Mierka while the vampire talked but didn’t seem to understand.

Mierka sighed. “Merde.” As she stared at the human, she decided. “I wonder if pain will do it?”

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