Daily Prompt: affect

From Protector of the Grey House:

“He hired two Slayers and a priest to be his bodyguards. He’s going in for heart surgery in two days. One Slayer and the priest will be with him at all times, the other Slayer will be outside the door, watching.”

“How did you learn so much?” Kari sounded suspicious and awed.

“She has her ways.” Anthony’s voice held the ever-present bite as he gave Natalia a hard look. His tone of voice still the others; he would be the only one to question her motives.

Vincent moved to behind Natalia and paced slowly. “How do you know who these people are?”

“I called their names into the hospital. Carl Garvin, Father Sulta, and Donavon.”

The room became hot and sticky with the news. Carl Garvin was more bounty hunter than Slayer. He could be bought off easily; double the bounty usually did the trick. Father Sulta was a crackpot. He didn’t seem to understand that the usual tricks didn’t affect all vampires. Then there was Donavon. He had been around for some years and seemed to understand too well how vampires moved, thought, and acted.

“Has Father Sulta seen you?” Vincent knew of her run-in with the Slayer.

“Yes. But he’s been convinced I’ve changed sides.”

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