Daily Prompt: mid-section

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent smoothed out the deep purple shirt, and tucked it into his waistband. He strapped on the cummerbund, slipped on the fine Italian suit jacket, and buttoned two buttons. He took a calming breath, and felt his scar tighten and the cummerbund squeeze his mid-section. He stared at the dress that hung on the closet door. It was deep purple and went well with her red stone necklace that also hung from the wooden hanger. Natalia was not here. He had not seen her since the night he placed Morgan in the oubliette. She left while he and Anthony talked, and said she needed to retrieve something from the bedroom. She took some of her clothes and left with no word.

Two days ago, she tried to contact Charlie. Why him, he wasn’t sure and didn’t really care. Charlie reported her frantic voice and her short words, and the near scream at the end. He called the number back and nearly ran out of the house after hearing her command. Joseph stopped him, and informed him it was still daylight. By sunset, Charlie and the others were well on their way. Joseph convinced him of his duty. Vincent stayed but cursed himself for letting Diana go. The healer was in North Carolina, on a mission for her house. His woman was dying or dead, and he was stuck here.

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