Daily Prompt:

From Protector of the Grey House:

Anthony grunted and fell to his knees as she spoke in Romanian. He shook and took deep breaths as memories he didn’t remember slammed through his mind. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up. Natalia no longer had the smug look on her face. She looked remorseful. He drew back in surprise.

“I’m sorry. Think of each memory in turn. It helps. The newest one first. The one from a few days ago.”

With gritted teeth, he closed his eyes and thought of the night she gained rank. He remembered talking with Vincent, remembered when Natalia came into the study and went to stand behind the desk. The memory seemed to split in two at that point. One memory was of he and Vincent speaking, the other was of Natalia twirling her necklace and then talking as if he were her puppet.

His eyes grew wide as he continued to see the different memories. There weren’t that many, but there were enough. Antony growled as anger consumed him, but dissipated just as quickly. Anger would do him no good. He pushed all the memories aside, calmed himself and stood. He regarded Natalia with mild annoyance.

“Fine. You controlled me. Then what?”

She stood, surprise on her face. “You’re not angry?”

“My feelings on this matter little. We’re here to find out if you betrayed Vincent or not.”

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