Daily Prompt: palpable

I apparently like using this work. It appears twice in the second book and four times in the third.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Natalia!” His voice echoed throughout the house; his anger palpable.

Natalia stopped her forward motion toward Anthony, and she looked at Vincent. “Yes?”

“No more secrets. Tell him all.”

Her mouth dropped open. “All?”

Anthony felt chills run down his spine. He did not like this conversation, but wasn’t sure why.

Vincent looked to Anthony, then to Natalia. “All.”

She nodded, stood taller, and walked with confidence into Vincent’s study. Anthony spared Vincent one last look before he followed Natalia into the study and closed the door. Sequestered in the comfortable room, the two looked each other up and down. Anthony placed his back against the door and watched as Natalia moved to the window. She moved the curtain out of the way and stared into the darkness.

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