Daily Prompt: seriousness

From Protector of the Grey House:

His voice and touch were tender, but the look in his eyes betrayed the deadly seriousness. Natalia felt compelled to argue, but knew she had no reason to, therefore changed tactics. “When I told you of my dream, why didn’t you tell me the room existed?”

“I want you to ask me to change you into a vampire because you wish it to be me, not because I have a room that was in your dreams.” Irritated with the conversation, he turned and started for the door. “This discussion is over. Shower while I feed.”

She watched his retreating back, but kept her words to herself. She trounced off to their bedroom, grabbed her robe and headed for the bathroom, as she fumed about his attitude. A tiny thought in the far reaches of her mind tried to speak up about her own attitude, but it was stomped into oblivion before it had a voice. She angrily ripped off her clothes, threw them aside and stepped into the shower.

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