Daily Prompt: necromancer

I’m sharing something from my work in progress today. It also has vampires, witches and werecreatures, but is not in the same world as “The Grey House”. These are creatures of my own imaginings, with rules I created. Some cobbled together from other writes, some I have never heard before. I came up with an idea for different rules on necromancy once and haven’t had a chance to use it. When I realized it fit in well in this universe, I decided to make one of the characters a necromancer. I hope only to be able to showcase the rules I created in the book(s). Let me know what you think of the little I reveal!

From (current working title): Burton Mayoria:

Confusion clouded his thoughts as his will returned. Burton frowned severely. “You’ve never said you weren’t. Your will is as strong, perhaps stronger than mine. I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t a vampire who could bond me as you just did. And well…”

Mr. Garcia allowed the pause to lengthen and finally finished Burton’s thought. “I smell like a vampire. I reek of the dead and decaying.” He nearly laughed as he looked away. He looked positively jovial. “But thankfully only to Dynamics.” He looked back to Mr. Mayoria. “Despite the scent, I am not a vampire.”

“But…” his hand flew to his mouth as his eyes went wide. “Soul sucker.”

“We prefer the term ‘necromancer’. We do not ‘suck souls’ out of the dead. Nor do we take babes from their mother’s wombs before they are born to sacrifice for rituals either.” He sounded hurt. “I would have thought you of all people would stay away from such names.”

Burton looked remorseful. “I am…” he shook his head as he stood. “I try not to use such words, but necromancers are, well…”


The vampire started to pace to calm his nerves. “Necromancers are also the only Dynamics who can control vampires. Not only bond, which takes a strong will, but control with spells.”

“Though that is true, we are not able to control vampires who know our secrets.”

Burton looked confused. “I have never heard that.”

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