Daily Prompt: eye

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent shook his head, leaned into her neck, nuzzled her skin, and tried hard not to bite into her jugular. He knew how easy it would be to simply sink his teeth into her supple body and change her. When he took her blood earlier, he fought not to continue past the three swallows. It was why he flipped back and forth between possessing her immediately and waiting until he could take her slowly. He wanted her skin burn from his touch. He knew the consequences of changing her before she desired it. He caught her eye in the mirror and closed his eyes quickly, to stop her from seeing his thoughts.

Natalia stood carefully in his hold. Though it was not always easy to read her lover, she saw in his eyes what he wanted. Vincent wanted to change her; she was not ready. Natalia knew she couldn’t fight him without a weapon. The closest thing to a weapon within reach was the hairdryer, which sat on the counter, cord wrapped around the nozzle. It was hefty enough, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to knock him out with it. Natalia groaned and leaned into her vampire as his hand ran down her side and he growled into her neck. Her breath caught as she realized she almost wanted him to do it.

Her hand found his hair, tangled in the short soft mane. “Vincent. Please.

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