Daily Prompt: decisive

From Protector of the Grey House:

Charlie nodded and headed out of the room. On the screens, Natalia walked through each of her rooms, but locked the doors as she passed through them. The wolf frowned. Natalia never locked the doors. As Rebecca watched she realized Natalia did seem off. Her movements weren’t as decisive as they usually were. She seemed to hesitate a lot, as if dazed. Rebecca narrowed her eyes as Natalia went into the bathroom, lit a few candles, then turned off the overheads.

Rebecca slammed her hands on the counter. “Charlie!”

“Right here.”

She turned and saw Charlie and Angie. Rebecca nodded, turned back to the monitors, and typed in a few commands. Though Natalia’s sitting room came into view, the other rooms remained black. “If she comes back into the sitting room, or leaves those rooms at all, you come get me. Angie, you, and I need to wake Joseph up. Are you well?”


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