Daily Prompt: tripped

From Protector of the Grey House:

Now, with no trace of Natalia in the two-room cabin, Charlie was faced with an impassable door. He growled, turned Blitzkrieg and attacked the wall. The plywood gave away easily to his large form and he slammed through the other side, into a shelf full of canned goods. Full of mindless rage, he attacked the cans, and nearly broke teeth on the heavy aluminum. He changed back when he understood that all was well, and the French cut green beans weren’t trying to keep him from Natalia.

Charlie stumbled into the kitchen, and nearly tripped over downed cans. He heard the others coming down the steps after him and looked around. At the entryway to the living room stood a girl. There was dried blood all over her and she looked frightened beyond reckoning. She shook like the last leaf on an otherwise barren tree. She sank to her knees as Charlie approached her.

“Please don’t hurt me.” Her voice was too quiet to hear. Charlie watched as she shaped the words.

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