Daily Prompt: Charlie and Natalia Part 4

Couple more chapters, so a couple more days and you’ll have the entire story!

Natalia stood in front of the mirror, checking herself out one more time. She and Bethany were going to a club in the Castro district. She was wearing a tight pair of low-rise jeans that tied up each side, and an off white crop top t-shirt that showed off her shapely hips and belly. Her hair was down but she had sprayed her black hair with silver glitter hairspray. Bethany would be there shortly to pick her up; she was glad to be ready.

Her phone rang and expecting it to be her friend, she headed for the door as she answered.

“What’s up?” A shiver ran down her spine. It was Charlie. They had spoken on the phone several times since the full moon, but had been unable to meet. It gave her plenty of time to think about whether or not she really wanted to be with him.

“Charlie. How are you?” Her voice was seductive as she made her way back to her bedroom.

“It’s the new moon. I wanna see you.” His usually joking voice had dropped two octaves; his own hunger was coming through. Natalia had her hand on her closet door. Her forehead was resting on the door, and her eyes were closed.

“I’m going out to Nightlife with a girlfriend.” She paused, considering. Her heart started pounding. “Do you know where it is?”

There was a pause on Charlie’s end. “Yep. My apartment’s near there.”

“Really? That’s convenient.” The closet door was open; she was looking for an outfit she’d bought recently but never worn. The doorbell rang. “Charlie, my friend’s here, I have to go.”

“Have a good time tonight.” His voice was dripping with suggestion.

“I hope to.” She hung up and ran to the front door. She invited Bethany in and ran to the bedroom, asking for five minutes to change.

“But you look great! Why do you need to change?” Bethany sounded perplexed.

“Just wait!” Natalia hurriedly changed and came out in three minutes. She was now wearing a short black skirt and matching long sleeved crop top. The top was mesh, so she was wearing a white bikini top under it. White high heels completed the outfit.

“We’re going to the wrong place for you to try and pick up a guy.”

Natalia smiled and led the way to the door. “Maybe I just want to look sexy.”

“Yeah, right. What are you planning?” They were at the car, and Bethany was unlocking the doors.

Natalia calmed her voice and hid all her emotion. “Nothing. Can we just go?”

Bethany let it drop and changed subjects. After Marnia’s death, it took Bethany a long time to talk to Natalia. The younger girl gave her friend time to heal and then persisted in contacting her. Through all Natalia’s troubles, they remained friends. Bethany gave Natalia a glimpse of the life she could have had, if Donald had never transformed it, and Natalia made sure Bethany did not know how scary the world really was.

Even with the CD playing in the car, they heard the music coming from the club. At the club, the car pulsated along with the music. Bethany turned the keys over to the valet, and the ladies headed to the entrance. Natalia normally didn’t like going to dance clubs, but Bethany insisted. The club owner was a friend of the family and it was his birthday. He wanted his friends there. Natalia agreed simply to stop Bethany from pleading. Now, with the possibility of Charlie showing up…her breath caught as her mind lingered on the last kiss he had given her.

Bethany caught her arm. “So do I look ok?”

Natalia nodded as she looked at Bethany, who was dressed in a knee high purple dress. It was slinky, but not really tight. She wore matching heels and held a clutch purse. Bethany looked pretty good, but Natalia was sure that the catcalls were for her. She smiled at the line of people waiting outside the door and followed Bethany inside. The bouncer waved them in after checking the guest list.

Inside was chaos. The club was three stories high. The main floor was a large dance floor with a bar on two sides. The third wall had tables and sofas, which were set up to view the dancers. The stage was set up at the fourth wall. Bethany had told her that sometimes there was a band, but today, there was a DJ. The music he played made the club throb like a heartbeat.

The second floor had individual rooms, all of which had open balconies. The occupants could have privacy, or enjoy the festivities. The third floor had private rooms, which were accessible by invite only. Bethany led her to the bar, where she ordered them both drinks: Long Island for herself and cola for Natalia. They mingled with the crowd until they found Josh, the owner and wished him a happy birthday. Natalia was looking for Charlie the whole time.

Bethany, wanting to spend some time with Josh and his friends, excused herself. Natalia, wanting to be where Charlie would find her, stayed on the dance floor, joining a group of friendly girls and getting carried away with the music.


Charlie watched Natalia from the second story, absolutely fascinated. Her outfit begged for his attention, or perhaps his touch? The sparkles in her hair teased his eyes and she was wearing white high heels. They were the same height, normally, so now she was taller. He wondered how tall women had the audacity to wear high heels. It wasn’t fair to men of average height. His slight annoyance was just a cover for how he really felt, but it kept him from running down the stairs and abducting her.

He watched her dance to the pounding music, enjoying the sight. She seemed to be having fun flirting with whoever caught her attention. Oh, yeah, she’s trouble, he thought as he let his eyes follow her. Charlie left the room, wanting to watch from a closer location. Once at the bar, he realized he could not see her as well as he wanted. Frustrated, he gave up and walked to her.

Natalia felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around, a big smile on her face. “I was wondering when you’d show.”

“I was watching you.” He grabbed her and dipped her, giving her a deep kiss. His hand was at the hem of her skirt, touching more skin then fabric. He whipped her back up, but didn’t let her go.

“Hello, lover.” She drew out the words, enunciating carefully, like a grownup teaching a child a new sentence.

Charlie leaned in and nuzzled her ear. “Shall we make that true?”

She looked back at him, showing him her craving. “Now would be good.”

“My place is close.”

“How close?” Her hands were entwined in his hair, and she was pressing herself against him.

“Close enough.” His breath was coming hard. “We could go upstairs.”

“I want privacy.”

“My place then.” They let each other go, reluctantly. Natalia took time to find Bethany and let her know she had found someone, promising to tell her friend all about it later.

The walk to Charlie’s place took twice as long as it should have, as they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. When they arrived at his apartment, she stumbled on the steps. She was trying to walk up the steps backwards while making out with Charlie. He was kissing and caressing her, unable to keep his hands off her. When she fell he was on her in an instant, pressing her into the mostly carpeted, narrow wooden steps. He slipped one hand under her skirt, unable to control himself anymore. He pulled back from the kiss and gave her a disbelieving look.

“You’re not wearing underwear.” He sounded like he approved, but was also slightly annoyed.

She laughed and arched into his questing hand, causing his thumb to slip into her. He groaned as burning wet surrounded his thumb. A wild look came into his eyes. She wondered if he had the same look the night of the full moon. She shuddered wondering how he would be in bed. She was eager to find out. Natalia pulled him in for another kiss and ground into him. He grabbed her up, slinging her over his shoulder. Her surprised cry turned into pleasure as his hand slipped under her skirt.

Charlie was stronger then he looked. To him, she was light as a feather. He carried her up the stairs like a trophy. He dug out his keys as they reached the top of the steps and unlocked the door to his bachelor pad. Kicking the door shut, he didn’t bother with the lights, but went straight to the bedroom where he threw her onto the bed. After pulling off his shoes, Charlie stood at the end of the bed breathing deep, staring at her like a hungry man regarding his feast and wondering where to start.

Natalia propped herself up on her elbows then decided to tempt him further. She sat up and pulled off her mesh top and threw it at him. She did the same with the bikini top, then lay back down and arched her back. She brought one leg up, then bent her leg, bringing her foot to her head. Her skirt slipped up to her waist in the process, exposing her completely.

He curled his lip and let his breath out slowly, clenching his teeth. He was trying to control himself and she was making it rather hard. When she did the splits, while on her back, he gave up, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and threw them off. He wasn’t wearing underwear either. He dove onto her and rested her leg on his shoulder. His tongue plunged into her mouth as she grabbed him and guided him in. He thrust deep into her and made a satisfied sound.

Natalia’s fingernails dug into his back as he moved in and out of her. She bit her lip, holding back her cries. She raked her nails across his back causing him to cry out. Determined to hear her voice, he quickened his pace. Although she did shudder when she came, she never uttered a sound.

Charlie was lying next to her, combing her long black hair away from her face, brushing glitter onto his hand and bed. She was facing him and looked satisfied, but he was not.

“You didn’t make a sound.”

“Did I need to?”

A good woman never says a word; never utters a sound, George reminded her sternly in her head.

Charlie’s hand ran through her hair and then down her back to bring her closer to him. “I’ve been with enough woman to know what I like. I like to hear woman cry out in pleasure. Have you ever screamed for a man, Natalie?”

It suddenly annoyed her that he was saying her name incorrectly. She had never corrected him before, but now, “It’s Natalia, with an ‘a’, not Natalie.”

“Natalia.” He drew her name out, and it rolled over her skin. “You’re avoiding the issue.”

“I don’t remember Charlie.” She didn’t want to talk about George; didn’t want to think about it. Didn’t want to think about how quiet she had been with Matt. She started to pull away. Charlie wouldn’t let her.

He kissed her softly, taking his time, pleasuring himself in the feel of her lips and tongue, tasting her. Natalia hesitated, still disgruntled then gave in, letting her hands roam his body. His hands caressed her back, stopping at her skirt. He pulled away to unzip and pull it off. Every movement was performed slowly. Charlie caressed her skin at every opportunity and kissed every inch he touched. Her skirt off, he regarded her naked body. She was shapely, toned, and tanned.

Starting with her toes, he kissed and nibbled his way back up her body to her lips then started down again, going over her chin, and down her neck to each nipple. He took extra care to give each breast the attention it deserved, then kissed his way down her belly to her clit. He slowly licked, nibbled and sucked until he could hear her groaning.

Natalia let out a small groan involuntarily and her eyes flew open. She tensed and her eyes darted around the dark room, searching for George. Charlie’s tongue brushed against a particularly sensitive spot and she couldn’t help it. She moaned a little louder. Though she was still terrified of retribution from a long gone man, the man between her legs was rewarding her moans. Natalia’s hands went to his shaggy hair, gripping tightly as he continued to coax moans from her lips.

Though she tensed and readied herself for a blow each time she made a noise, her mind was slowly letting that association go. Each time she moaned, Charlie rewarded her with a new touch, a new caress. As she neared orgasm, the ghost of George faded. Charlie quickened his pace and, her whole body thrashing, Natalia came and cried out, no longer fearing the trucker.

Charlie wiped his face on the sheet before joining her fully on the bed and encircling her in his arms. She was still shuddering, whimpering a little. She grabbed him and gave him a long, deep kiss. Natalia did not want to explain the ‘thank you’ that was threatening to spill from her lips. She didn’t want to explain that he had saved her from George.

Charlie accepted the kiss and returned it with the same vigor. He smiled to himself when she didn’t pull away from her own flavor. When the kiss ended, he pulled her closer and held her until they fell asleep.


He was dreaming. And in the dream she was running with him. They were on all fours; the wind was streaming over their fur. It was nighttime on the hills near Marin. When they reached the beach, he turned to her. She was naked and in her human form. He looked down and realized he was as well. She turned from the sunrise and smiled at him.

“She’s lovely, Charlie, but she’s not really yours.”

“I know. But that doesn’t change how I feel.”

“Be careful. You might end up doing something stupid.”

He sighed and tried to see the woman besides him; she was obscured by the sunlight. He frowned. “The sun rises in the east, not the west.”

“We aren’t where you think we are. And you have no idea who you’re sleeping with.”


The dream dissolved as he felt something wet and warm sliding up and down his developing erection. Something soft was tickling his belly and thighs. He grew harder and came fully awake. His hands entwined in her hair as he relaxed and then tensed as she took him fully in her mouth and bit him gently at his base. He moaned as she sucked harder, quickening her pace. He came faster then she did, but not with as much force.

Natalia bit his inner thigh as he became flaccid, then slowly kissed her way up to his lips. She kissed him lightly, biting his lower lip as she pulled away.


“Hi.” He was grinning.

“I was hungry.” The teasing in her voice made him laugh.

“Did you eat enough?” His hands were holding back her hair.

“Quite. But I’m a different kind of hungry now.”

He grinned wider, grabbed her and rolled her onto her back. “So you woke me up to find the kitchen?”

She narrowed her eyes and gave him a sly smile. “You object?”

“Not in the least.” Charlie got off of Natalia and helped her up. He led the way to the kitchen apologizing for the mess as he turned lights on. There were small piles of clothing everywhere, and lots of opened envelopes and catalogues scattered about the place. There were dirty dishes on every counter space in the small kitchen, and in the sink as well.

“You didn’t have time to clean up?”

He shrugged. “One of my flaws. What do you want?” He opened up the fridge.

“What do you have?”

Charlie moved out of the way. There was an almost empty half-gallon of milk, a quarter of a loaf of bread and some scattered leftover boxes. “Not much. Pizza?”

“Sounds good.”

He looked around for his cell, remembering it was in his jeans, on the bedroom floor. He jogged into the bedroom and came back while talking with the pizza parlor, trying to put on his underwear. “Yeah, and the usual too, Tony, thanks.”

He hung up and looked over at naked Natalia, who was leaning against the kitchen counter. Her arms were crossed, and she was staring at the floor, a pensive look on her face. He walked over and offered her a button up shirt. He had to say her name three times in order to get her attention. “I ordered an everything and a cheese; breadsticks and cola, too. Ok?”

“Yeah.” She sounded rather distracted as she pulled on the shirt.

“What’s up, lover?” All joking was gone, but he enjoyed being able to call her his lover.

Natalia blushed at the word, suddenly feeling very young. “I had a weird dream.”

“Me too.” Charlie paused as he led her into the living room. He sat down the long way on the sofa and pulled her between his legs. “You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.”

“It was dark. I was in some kind of cave. There was something else in there with me, but I didn’t see it before something else killed it. Then I was alone, but I could hear someone calling my name, and I felt safe. I was in a dark dank cave with no way out, but I felt safe.” She laughed. “Then you showed up, and then,” she shook her head. “I don’t know. Something happened, I’m not sure what. What was yours?”

He sighed. “Since I came to San Francisco, I’ve had the same dream almost every month. I’m running with a female wolf in the hills across the bay under the full moon. We get to the beach, change and make love.”

“Sounds wonderful.”

“This time the sun rose over the ocean when we reached the beach. She warned me not to get involved with you, that you weren’t mine. I pointed out the sun was rising in the west and she said I didn’t know who I was sleeping with. And that we weren’t on the west coast.”

“Seems like we’re both having doubts.”

“Do you regret this?” He squeezed her, wondering if he were having doubts.

“No, but…”

“But you’re not sure you should get involved with a highly unpredictable werewolf.”

“Pretty much.”

“Why did you sleep with me tonight?”

“The night that I cried in your arms the first time? I fell asleep thinking of you. It’s been the same every night since. And, oh god, the dreams I’ve had about you.” She leaned her head back on his shoulder and laughed euphorically. He squeezed her breast firmly, pinching her nipple. She arched her back and moaned.

“You’ll have to tell me about them when I have more energy.”

“Kay.” She stretched, rubbing against him. “Do you regret this?”

He snorted. “You’re kidding, right?” He turned her head and kissed her passionately. “I’ll never regret being with you, but I know this isn’t forever.”

“I’m not looking for forever, Charlie, but why do you think that?”

“You’re not a wolf.”

She pulled away to look in his face. “That’s it?”

“Yep.” He paused looking sadly at her. “I want a woman who understands what it means to be a werewolf. And not from reading about it, but because she is one.”

“Fair enough.”

“This isn’t bothering you?”

“Should it?”

“I don’t know. It’s just weird, talking to a woman frankly about being a werewolf. I don’t have to lie; I don’t have to be as careful.”

“Gee, I wonder how it is, being able to finally tell someone the truth about yourself?” Sarcasm dripped from her voice, then became curious. “But what do you mean, you don’t have to be as careful?”

He gave her a sheepish look. “With other women, I have to give a reason I can’t be with them around the full moon, obviously. And then there’s the whole sex aspect.”

She turned to face him and gave him a quizzical look, misunderstanding him. “Don’t expect me to let you change into any form of your animal self while we’re having sex.”

“No, that’s not it.” He gave her a wolfish smile. “My tastes run, well, they’re not your average ideas. And most woman are not willing to, indulge.”

“And you think I will?” Her voice was a teasing challenge. There was a twinkle in her eye.

She was still facing him. He sat up quickly, invading her space and forcing her to lie down on the couch. He leaned on his arms, and hovered over her. There was hunger in his eyes. “You haven’t backed away or made fun of anything I’ve done so far.”

“Made fun?”

He shook his head. “Most women don’t like being dipped.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Too old fashioned.” He raised himself up and let his eyes travel the length of her body. “And you didn’t wear any underwear tonight.”

“How do you know that was for you?”

“It’s a gay club; you weren’t gonna pick anyone up, and you invited me out dressed in the sexiest thing I could possibly have hoped for.”

“Could mean I’m a slut.” Her hands were caressing his hairy chest.

He shook his head. “I haven’t met a lot of smart sluts.”

One hand followed the trail of hair to his underwear. She let one finger steal under the band, and moved her hand back and forth, tickling him. His breath sucked in.

“You really should stop that. Pizza’ll be here soon and I’m really hungry.”

Her questing hand slipped around to his back and the other went to his neck. She gently pulled him down to kiss him. He let her feel his full weight as he slid his arms under her back. She arched into him to give him easier access. He pulled away after a moment, breathless, a look of yearning deep in his eyes. There was a similar look on Natalia’s face.

“There’s also the simple fact that you look like you’re going to devour me whenever you look at me.”

She smiled devilishly, proving him right. “I like devouring you.”

His eyes narrowed and his breath caught. He opened his mouth to speak, but someone knocked on the door and called his name.

“Charlie! Pizza! Hurry up man! You’re my last delivery!”

“That was quick. They know you?”

Charlie extracted himself from her and went for his wallet. “The place is around the corner. Been ordering from them since I moved in.”

Natalia sat up, grabbing a blanket off the floor. The couch was in direct view of the front door. The delivery guy yelled again and Charlie yelled back. He opened the door a second later and handed the guy some money without even looking as he was handed three pizza boxes, and a liter of soda. The delivery man, a young kid in street clothes, started counting the money.

“Man, don’t worry about it, just go. If it’s not enough, I’ll pay you tomorrow. If it’s too much, I don’t care.”

“Yeah but-” he looked beyond Charlie and saw Natalia. His jaw dropped as she waved. He snapped his jaw shut, nodded to Charlie, turned and left. Charlie shut the door, smiling wide. He brought the food to the coffee table and set it down on the various bits of mail cluttering the wooden top. He glanced over at the couch and forgot about the food. Natalia was lying back, on her side. The shirt was mostly undone and the blanket was nowhere to be seen. Her shapely legs were stretched out, and she was slowly rubbing her legs together. He looked into her eyes. Her intent was clear.

“Hungry, Charlie?” Her voice was too seductive for him to resist.

They had to reheat the pizza before they could eat it.

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