Daily Prompt: traitor

The saga of Charlie and Natalia (cut scenes) is done. I hope you enjoyed it. Back to showcasing pits from the third novel.

From Protector of the Grey House:

A yowl of ecstasy emanated from the creature far below. Whatever the ghul was, it would feast well today. Natalia looked up as the scream stopped. Edwin stood just to the right of the doorway and stared at her. One of Edwin’s men held an exhausted Charlie up. The unlikely pair moved to the left, into the room to the far wall, which allowed two more to enter the room. This left two outside the small room. She held Edwin’s gaze, and wondered if she could kill him. Her epiphany of earlier came back and she voiced her opinion.

“You were planning on killing him.”

He held her gaze. “Once a traitor, always a traitor.”

“What happens now?” She wanted to jump across the oubliette to fight Edwin, but She couldn’t jump that distance from a standing position. Though the werewolf looked exhausted, Natalia was sure he was acting, but was not sure why.

“Vincent likes you, doesn’t he?”

She stayed silent.

“I wonder how he would look at you if I changed you. Would he still love you if his greatest enemy changed you?”

She didn’t even try to hold back her laughter. “Don’t flatter yourself. You were nothing but an effortless distraction. A piece of lint on his fine suit, needing nothing more than a swipe to brush your existence out of his mind.”

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