Daily Prompt: means

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Diana.” Her name was an order. She woke completely, sat up by herself, and leaned on her arms to stay upright. Vincent held her arms anyway, squeezing her triceps lightly. “What were you doing with Natalia in my bathroom the day we left?”

“A spell. I was trying to connect our wills to make it easier to heal her. But it didn’t work.”

He gripped her tighter but loosened his hold when she winced. “How do you know?”

“It connects us loosely. I should be able to feel her presence. But once I left the two of you, I felt the spell release.”

Vincent released her completely, closed his eyes, took a large breath, and let it out slowly. “We drank each other’s blood when you left. Would that cause the spell to transfer to us?”

She started to shake her head and stopped. Her hand went to her mouth as she stared wide-eyed in surprise. “Only if one of you has the ability to cast spells. Lilly suspects Natalia might.”

“So the feeling I have that she’s hurt…”

“Probably means she is.” Her voice was soft but panicked.

The vampire stood. “Get dressed. We leave soon, and you’ll be needed.”

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