Daily Prompt: aisles

When ‘aisle’ came up as the word of the day, the passage below popped into my head. It is not from “The Grey House” trilogy. It’s from my latest word in progress. I decided to share it as I am enjoying working on it. It’s tough though, as the novel (series?) is set in the late 1800s early 1900s. I don’t fully understand how to approach etiquette from that era, but I’m working on it. I’ve also decided to wing a lot of it in the first draft. Oh, and the terror in the doors being opened? Yeah, you think being homosexual is tough now? It was rougher back then.

Without further ado, here is the passage from “Burton Mayoria” (working title):

Burton looked incensed. “Who the devil is Tommy?”

Mr. Garcia stood a little taller as several emotions played on his face. Burton saw fear, love and hope and it confused him to no end until the man spoke. “Tommy is Thomas Lancaster.” He took a slow breath. “My lover.”

Burton fell heavily in his chair and stared at Mr. Garcia, not believing a word and at the same time, he knew full well this man told the truth. His hand stole to his mouth and a stray noise from outside the room compelled him to look at the doors. They were still open. Burton stood, said nothing, and moved. He used his full vampiric speed to check the main library doors and all the aisles in the library. When he found no one, he went back to his office, and stopped just inside the doors. He closed them, and turned to face Mr. Garcia, who looked a bit terrified.

“The doors were open?”

“No one was in the library. You and I are currently the only vampires in this household.”

Mr. Garcia nodded, but frowned. “What about witches?”

“None that can move faster than I. No one heard.” He moved to his desk. “Please sit down, sir.”

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