Daily Prompt: authority

From Protector of the Grey House:

Annoyed beyond reason, Edwin stormed over to Natalia. He stopped ten feet away from her, confusion evident on his face. “Who dares call me out, at my party, in my house?”

Natalia twisted the sword in her hand as he advanced. Light glinted off the steel and she smiled. It would be a pleasure to kill this one. Too bad she had to leave him for Vincent. “Natalia Mirela Liliana Dveski. Protector of House LeGris. I demand you leave this city and turn over control to your betters or face me and die.”

Edwin stared at her, then started laughing. “On whose authority do you order the Captain of this city to do anything, human?”

“She’s already told you who she speaks for. Weren’t you listening, you malodorous twit?”

All turned to see Vincent leaning against the table. He looked rather relaxed and in control. His attitude seemed to suggest he was in his home dealing with a disobedient child.

“You use a human to challenge my rule? What absurdity is this?” Edwin tried to intimidate Vincent with his tone of voice. “If she kills me, it means nothing. You can’t be Captain if a Slayer kills me. My first lieutenant would receive the honor.”

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