Daily Prompt: item

From Protector of the Grey House:

“She did not set out to betray you. She was controlled by a powerful item. One we have seen take over others previously. It took the ring a long time to find her. To avoid future issues, I removed certain other items and placed them into Anthony’s holdings.”

Vincent nodded. His hand was near his mouth which helped to hide his reactions.

“Are you satisfied?”

Before he could answer, the intercom buzzed. He narrowed his eyes and reached for the answer button. “This is not good timing.”

“Lilly is back with her new apprentice.”

Vincent looked to Joseph. “Send her to me.”

When the intercom clicked off, Joseph went to the door and opened it. Once the ladies were in the room, Joseph closed the door and stood out of the way.


“Good evening, Vincent. This is Diana. Diana, this is Vincent LeGris. He’s our benefactor.”

Vincent looked the new healer up and down then let his eyes move back to Lilly. “She’s young.”

Lilly nodded. “Though she is young, she knows the arts well. She comes from a family of healers and has been studying the arts from birth. She is worthy of Natalia. Is she awake? I would like the ladies to meet.”

“She’s in our bedroom. You may leave.”

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