Daily Prompt: sheets

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia sat at the desk in Vincent’s library, thinking. She saw Ashley at the café yesterday morning and had a hard time getting the young woman out of her mind. She wanted to help her, but didn’t know how. She tried to call her earlier, but the phone number was disconnected. For the moment, she had to let Ashley go. Natalia sighed and looked back down at the desk in front of her, where a large Slayer journal sat. In her hand was a scanner.

Most of the Slayer journals were too old to be rifled through on a regular basis. She wanted to scan each page and save the books to an external hard drive to preserve the books. Also, it was easier to skim through computer files with the “find” tool then skim the physical pages. She tried to scan one book a week, but often found herself entangled between Vincent’s sheets instead. With him gone, it was easier to get this sort of work done. Vincent had been gone two nights; she went through five large books in that short time. Lost in her work she didn’t hear Franklin come in until he set the tray of food on the desk. She looked up to see a grin on his face.

“Hi. Thought you might be hungry.”

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