Daily Prompt: interesting

From Protector of the Grey House:

“What I find interesting,” Vincent continued to pace, but slowly and more deliberately, “is that Anthony came to me five days ago with this information. I didn’t do anything about it because my hope was that one of you would find out about it as well. Your spies are worthless. You should have taken care of it yourselves. Anyone else would think you deliberately performed a poor job. How are you going to prove to me it wasn’t deliberate?”

“I have an idea.”

Vincent turned with a smile on his face. Natalia was back and looked beautiful in a pinstripe skirt suit and black stiletto heels. He was by her side in an instant, an inscrutable expression on his face. He spoke softly, only to her. “You didn’t tell me you were leaving.”

She placed her hand on his chest and kept her own voice soft. “I’m sorry Vincent. I had no choice.”

“There is always a choice.”

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