Daily Prompt: ensure

From Protector of the Grey House:

His eyes wandered out the window, then back inside. He barely glanced at the other men until he reached Joseph, who held his gaze. Vincent scowled and fought the urge to check his cell again. He and his people had arrived two days ago. Rebecca called the first afternoon to inform him Natalia’s meetings went well. She called again yesterday afternoon to ensure him all was still well. He didn’t expect another call until this afternoon when Rebecca would report again. He was not in the habit of calling his home when he was away to check up: it showed distrust. Although at times he didn’t trust all the men he sheltered in his house, he did trust Mierka, Rebecca, Angie, and Natalia. He knew they would call if they needed help.

Nevertheless, the disquieting feeling was almost overpowering.

It subsided as the limo drew closer to the house and he let himself relax. Perhaps it was just anxiety. He pushed it to the side and allowed himself to rely on the women who ran his house. The car finally stopped, and the back door opened to reveal Lorraine in a black silk robe. Vincent was the closest to the door and went straight for Lorraine. He kissed her on the cheek, and stepped back to admire her in her rather inappropriate outfit.

“Sire. Your warriors have returned.”

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