Daily Prompt: ensure

From Protector of the Grey House:

Joseph nodded, went to Natalia, and picked her up. “I’ll take care of this one and then talk to Anthony about the ring.”

She nodded as Joseph left the room to Mierka. He took Natalia to the only place in the house that was probably safe for her. If Natalia were left in one of the regular bedrooms, it would be sinfully easy for Vincent to get to her. If he placed Natalia in the dungeon, it meant Vincent had to think about what he was doing and where he was going. The dungeon would ensure Vincent thought with his mind instead of his emotions.

As he went, Joseph also thought about the objects in Vincent’s secret room. The ring was not the only object with a dubious reputation. Those items needed to be removed, and the closets needed to be secured. He thought perhaps all the cases should be replaced with shatterproof or possibly bulletproof glass. The closets also needed alarms.

By the time he reached the dungeon, he knew which items needed to be removed and had all the specifics for the alarms worked out in his head. Joseph placed Natalia in one of the cells, then went to the storage room and gathered the items he needed to teach Natalia her lesson. Vincent’s bite was not enough. It was time for true fear.

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