Daily Prompt: identity’s

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Her name was Laura Lynn McGarity. She was the last woman I loved before you. We met in San Francisco, the first time I lived in this area, in the 50’s. She was a reporter and had heard about the wealthy businessman no one ever saw during the day. There were rumors back then that I was involved with the mob. I’ve always let those rumors fly, as it makes a good cover story. As long as all my paperwork is in order and everything looks legal and reported on my current identity’s taxes, no one arrests me.”

Vincent paused as the memories came back. They seemed to flash through his mind like an old movie reel. “Laura Lynn decided I was her big break. She found ways of integrating herself into my life, getting herself invited to my closed parties and sneaking into my clubs. Finally, after finding out who she was, and falling for her tenacious behavior, I courted her. We were together for a few months before I started showing her the real me. I bit her when I desired, and she seemed to enjoy it, but she never understood what was really happening.”

“How could she not?” Natalia sounded perplexed. She enjoyed when Vincent took her blood, but the bites hurt.

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