Daily Prompt: use

From Protector of the Grey House:

She stole out of bed unnoticed, found her dress and slipped it on. The key for the lock was still in the door. It was an old-fashioned skeleton key, which meant she could have easily picked it if Joseph had removed it. Natalia left the room and closed the door softly behind her. Unsure of what she would find, she sighed and went to her bedroom.

The door to the sitting room was ajar, which was unusual. Natalia crinkled her nose as she pushed the door open. The door to her bedroom was open wide. She stopped halfway through the sitting room, and wondered at her plans. Vincent and Mierka were in the bedroom, probably asleep. She didn’t need to go in there. A frown creased her brow. She wanted a shower and clean clothing. There were other showers in this house she could use, but her clothes were in that room. She needed to proceed.

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