Daily Prompt :arrangement

From Protector of the Grey House:

In minutes, his people were out the door, in the cars and headed back home. The sun had started to show itself in the east. Humans drove the limos and moved dividers up as soon as they could. Vincent and Natalia were in the back of the medium sized limo and the rest of his people had found their way into the large limo. He had not planned on this arrangement, but knew his people made it happen to give their leaders some privacy. Natalia leaned against him. She sighed as battle instinct left and his lover returned. He turned his head, kissed the top of her head, and inhaled her scent.

Natalia gave a weary sigh at his touch. She leaned a bit further onto his shoulder, to relax and sleep, but felt rest might be impossible. Orlando’s sacrifice, and her inability to stop him, filled her thoughts. Had she remembered the demons’ weakness a few seconds earlier, Orlando would be alive. His death was her fault. She wanted to talk to Rebecca about it, but the look on the wolves’ faces confused her. Charlie was the only one who hadn’t acted out of character, but that had thrown her too. Why he knelt to receive the sword, she didn’t know. She felt it was in bad taste.

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