Cat Stark

Cat Stark was raised in San Francisco, CA. Her mom, a retired paraprofessional, is from France, her father was from Chicago, IL. She has one sister who now lives in Arizona.
As a child, Cat’s family traveled around the United States, to France and to Australia. She has seen much of the world and finds it fascinating. It was probably a sense of wanderlust that led her to Rockford, IL in 1993 to attend Rockford College, now Rockford University.
While there, Cat met her future husband, Jason. They spent 19 years together until he passed in 2013.
Life has had many interesting twists for Cat. She is now living with her fiancé in Illinois.
She has traveled much, and though life has not gone the way she planned, it has taken her through the best love stories possible, both in the real world and between the pages of lovely books.

Other writers to immerse yourself in
Richard Pulfer short story writer
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Dan Klefstad horror novelist
Neil Gaiman fantasy writer extraordinaire
Christopher Moore humorous fantasy writer

Amazing visual artists
Twitchy Kitty Studios cute marshamallow (misspelling intended) art
Brett Whitaker is a color blind artist who creates beautiful art
Jenny Mathews created the cover art for Enter the Maze

500 Miles to Memphis an Americana punk band
They Might be Giants “American alternative band” doesn’t really cover what this band does or how they sound

Un-sponsored shutouts to products I like and use
Death Wish Coffee is very caffeinated and very smooth to drink.
Thinx period underwear. They work!
I have loved LEGO sets since I was a kid and still have a TON of them.
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