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I do not look like his usual clientele

At my favorite place tonight,
Hangin’ out in my jeans and geek t-shirt.
Conversing with the owner himself
Wondering what the girl
Behind the counter thinks of me.

It’s funny to me, to wonder.
I don’t really care.
I am how I am
and not much can change that.

As I stand there
In my jeans and Invader Zim/ Star Wars mash up t-shirt
Asking the owner of this expensive chocolate shop
About chocolatiers in Paris
I can’t help but know

I do not look like the type of person
Who would utter the words “Trip to Paris”
I do not look like the type of person
Who would frequent an expensive chocolate
– pardon me – chocolat shop.

But I am.

And while in France,
I will visit the chocolate shops
he told me about,
looking much the same as I do now.

‘Cause I may not look like much,
But I love chocolate
And that’s what matters
At least to me.

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