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So I’ve published my first book, The Elven Prince, and it’s available on Amazon. I’m already wondering what to work on next. I’m writing another book already, but still have 18 other ones finished and waiting to meet you.

Below is the very first page of Starry Night, which I’m considering for publication next year.

Yes, it’s going to take a year for me to decide if this is the book I want to publish and to get it edited and to get someone to do the cover.

I haven’t 100% decided if this is the one I’m doing, and won’t make that final decision until a few months form now. Mostly want to concentrate on the release and marketing of The Elven Prince.

But, as I didn’t want to leave this alone, I am giving you a taste. Let me know what you think.


Starry Night

Chapter One, page one (and that’s all you’re getting for now)


“This line is so long! Let’s go across the street. We’ll be in the club in seconds!” Emma’s whiney, high-pitched voice grated on Caroline’s nerves, but she didn’t say anything. She was along for the ride. Gladys did speak up though, as Caroline knew she would.

“We’re going here. This is the most talked about dance club and Caroline can still come in because it’s 18 and up. And beside, we’re almost to the front. Give it a couple more minutes.”

Emma made an annoyed sound, crossed her arms and didn’t say anything more. She always listened to Gladys, because she was the oldest. Caroline didn’t really like either of her sisters’ attitudes, but didn’t say anything when she happened to agree with her oldest sister.

It was Friday night, the last night in May. Caroline had a summer job and usually worked on Friday nights, but not tonight. Gladys and Emma convinced her to come out to Starry Night, a well-established over 18 dance club in the city. It was well liked, which meant a long line. Also, all potential patrons were searched, to make sure no one brought in any drugs, alcohol or weapons.

The three sisters had been standing in line for well over an hour. The club across the street, The Last Dance, also an 18 and older club, did not have a line. Anyone who wanted to enter was allowed inside and no one was searched. There were more problems there then at Starry Night.

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